66th Annual GVMC Routledge Run - Road And Adventure Touring (Dualsport)



Friday, July 24, 2020
7:00:00 AM
Wes Jamison John Taylor
604) 857-4880 (604)454-7432
wes@wesjamison.com; jakers_357@hotmail.com
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Current Information On The Routledge Run

66th Annual GVMC Routledge Run- Road Ride and Adventure Touring Ride.

Need an excuse to take off work on Friday and go riding on the weekend?
Here it is !

July 24 - 26, 2020
Mark these dates on your calendar for a great Motorcycle Weekend Adventure and register early as space is limited.
Road Ride:There will be two options for Road Riders. One will be a scenic tour through the Lilllooet/Pavillon, Cache Creek areas. The ride will finish up at Lillooet where we will enjoy a Bar-B-Que at Seton Portage Campsite or other space nearby.

Adventure Touring:
This ride is for street legal bikes 250cc and larger that are suitable for unpaved forest service roads. There is limited highway travel so bike size can be as small a 250cc. The ride will take you over very scenic back roads in the areas of Seton Tortage and Highline/Anderson Lake areas and D'Arcy etc.

We will be gathering on Friday July 24th at the Mile O Motel for July 24th and 25th.The single rooms are $95.00 plus tax and the doubles are $105.00 plus tax.

Mile O Motel phone number:

Book Motel anytime from now on at this number or campsites at Seton Portage B.C. Hydro campground but they are first come first serve.

Signups: Pay Pal at www.gvmc.ca Plus Applicable Fees or you can pay at the clubhouse #306-9785 192nd Street Surrey.

Accommodation space is limited and we will allow signups after June 29th, 2020. However, only the first 25 Signups will receive a Routledge Berr Stein

In 2020 Entry Fee is $60.00 per head & BBQ dinner provided.

Passengers are welcome at the same cost.

Please note that if you wish to have a lawn chair to sit on at the Barbecue in Kelly Lake please bring it to the Clubhouse July 21st and we will transport them. 306-9785 192nd Street Surrey at 7:00pm

Check in the photo gallery for pictures and see all the fun had in the past at this event.

Bring your riding buddies and meet new ones!

History Of The Routledge Run

This event was started in 1954, dedicated to Bob Routledge, a respected motorcycle mechanic and one of the signers of the 1939 GVMC incorporation. The original perpetual trophy features a pewter figure of a German army dispatch rider on a BMW. This may have been a souvenir brought back by returning soldiers after World War II, but itís exact origin and significance is a mystery.

Traditionally, the event was held as a Saturday ride to a campground, with a field meet on Sunday. Field meets involved tests of rider skill, such as riding a length of 2x4, throwing darts from a moving bike, rolling a barrel with the front wheel, a slow race (last one across the finish line wins, touch a foot down youíre out), and any other crowd pleasing stunts the organizers could dream up.

The field meets gradually lost their appeal, and with the rise in dual sport riding, the event was given a fresh approach. The Routledge Run has in recent years been successful as a two-day ride, with street riders and dual sport riders taking separate routes to an overnight campout. The camaraderie and good times continue.

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