GVMC Event Details

Event Name:30th Annual GVMC Ride For The Kids New Date
Location:GVMC Clubhouse
Contact:Richard Brown
Contact Phone:(604)868-8516
Contact Email:rbrown@ocgl.net
Event Date:Sunday, September 25, 2022
Current Information on the 30th Annual GVMC "Ride For the Kids"

"Enjoy a Great Ride and Help Kids With Burn Injuries!"


When: Sunday, September 25, 2022 This is the new date for this event as the May date was rained out.

Mark this date on your calendar for a great Charity event.

Place: GVMC Clubhouse - Unit 306 - 9785 - 192nd Street Surrey, B.C.

Time: 9:00am Breakfast
Come early for a GVMC Pancake and Sausage Breakfast ($7.00)

10:00am - 11:00am Sign Up - $45.00 per person (Cars Welcome) Includes Barbecue after the Ride.

Poker Run Leaves at 11:00 AM

Enjoy a Great Ride & Help Kids with Burn Injuries!!!

All Proceeds to B.C. Professional Fire Fighters' Burn Fund

For More Information Contact: Richard Brown
604-868-8516 or
Email: jrrbrown@hotmail.com

History of the GVMC "Ride For The Kids" formerly the GVMC Gord Heppler Memorial Run

History of the GVMC "Ride For The Kids" formerly the GVMC Gord Heppler Memorial Run
The Gord Heppler Memorial Run was started thirty years ago by his wife Jackie Heppler with the sponsorship of the Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club. The loving memory of her husband’s enthusiasm for motorcycling and his love of children led her to start the Run to help those children fighting to have a life free from cancer. Gord was a long-time active member of the Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club who died of cancer on May 21, 1992, at the age of 44.

The first Gord Heppler Memorial Run was held in 1993. There was a good turnout for the first Run and every year the participation has increased. The Run includes a ride through awesome, winding back roads, remote farmlands, and scenic mountains all in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. The ride usually lasts about three hours ending up at a final destination for a barbecue and warm camaraderie. All those who are registered for the Run are tracked as they check in at the check points where they do activities for points towards prizes at the end. If any one does not check in at the end of the Run a round up crew is sent out.

Working with the social workers at the Vancouver’s Children’s Hospital Jackie each year designated what that year’s proceeds from the Run would be spent on. The support of the motorcycling world in the past years has allowed them to purchase home infusion units, portable monitored and metered I.V. machines, T.V’s, V.C.R.’s, and videos to help inform the children as to what is happening to them and what is being done for them. They also purchased some entertainment videos to try to help take the children’s minds of their fears and often painful treatments that they must endure.

In 1998, Jackie was asked by the social workers if the Run would sponsor a Courage Award Trophy which would be given to each child when they had completed their treatment whether that treatment had been successful or not as just facing the treatment takes a lot of courage. They felt that the children’s emotional wellbeing was just as important as their medical wellbeing. Regrettably, not all of the children have survived their treatments, but Jackie has been informed that the Courage Award has been displayed at their funerals as one of their favourite possessions and something to represent their lives. Emerson Thomas, the first recipient of the Courage Award is enjoying his twenty first year of remission from Leukemia. Each year since he received the Award, he and his brother Julian and their mother Sharon Bool have attended the Run. Members of the Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club take them out on the Run. This involvement with motorcycling, rekindled Emerson’s Mom’s love of motorcycling.

The inscription on the Courage Award reads:
B.C.C.H.Oncology Bone Marrow
Transplant Courage Award
“For meritorious conduct,
extraordinary valor and conspicuous bravery….
You are now a member of the
Legion of Courage.”
- The Wizard of Oz

2012, marked the twentieth Annual Gord Heppler Memorial Run. With the help of the motorcycling public, that year’s Run raised $15,886.40 which a group of the Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club presented in person on the Children’s Hospital Miracle Telethon. That brought the grand total raised in twenty years to $156,525.95.

In 2012, after 20 consecutive years of putting on the Run, Jackie Heppler stepped down as the main organizer of the event. The event was taken over by Ron Benderski and a group of committees from the GVMC. They renamed the event the 21st Annual GVMC "Ride For The Kids" with all proceeds still going to the B.C. Children's Hospital.

In 2014, GVMC's "Ride For The Kids" raised $6393.26 (a great total considering the horrendous rainy weather we had) bringing the grand total raised over 22 years to $170,177.26.

In 2015, the GVMC affiliated themselves with the Fire Fighters Burn Fund and the Burn Unit at Children's Hospital continuing to work to help kids. That year the Ride for the Kids raised $10,360.50 which went to the Firefighters Burn Unit continuing to help kids. That brought the total raised over 23 years to help kids to $180,537.76.

In 2016 the event raised $8057.75 bringing the grand total over 24 years to $188,595.51.

In 2016 Ron Benderski stepped down as the main organizer of the event and Bob Vickers and Ron Gaudette took over.

In 2017 the event raised $7,789.80 bringing the grand total over 25 years to $196,385.31.

In 2018 the event raised $8,077.41 bringing the grand total over 26 years to $204,462.72.

In 2019 Richard Brown and GVMC committees took over the event again working for The Fire Fighters Burn Fund raising $6966.71 bringing the grand total raised over 27 years to $211,429.43.

In 2020 the GVMC Ride For The Kids was cancelled due to Covid so funds were raised that year. In 2021, the Ride For the Kids was again cancelled due to Covid but due to some generous donations the committee manage to raise $3373.00 bringing the grand total raised over 29 years to $214,802,43 which was again donated to the Firefighters Burn Fund.