85th Annual GVMC Caribou Trails Run



Saturday, August 22, 2015
6:30:00 AM
GVMC Clubhouse
Jim Brooke
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History of the Caribou Trails Run

Caribou Trails

Vancouver Harley Davidson dealer Fred Deeley is given credit for starting the “300 Miler” in 1930. It was a true test of man and machine in those days, held on gravel and dirt roads, with many riders finishing long after dark. Photos of the 1938 start, taken at Stanley Park, show a long line of smiling riders on Indians, Harleys and British bikes, wearing leather helmets and peaked caps, all with numbered vests bearing a sponsor’s name (“Export”).

In 1948 it was re-named the “Caribou Trails”, and went through many changes over the years. Often it was held as a one-day enduro, sometimes a two-day ride, or a ride plus a field meet the next day. For a few years in the late 1960’s it had simultaneous starts in Vancouver and Bellingham, finishing 300 miles later at an all-night campout and party. A high point of the rally was the 50th anniversary in 1980, when 702 riders, many with passengers, braved the rain soaked streets.

The Caribou was conceived as a challenging event, and has always retained the tradition of a 300 mile endurance ride.

Current Information on the Caribou Trails Run

85th Annual GVMC Caribou Trails Run

The Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club Invites You To Our 82nd Annual Road Ride
August 22-23 2015


August 22nd & 23rd, 2015 for a great weekend adventure.

*Timed Event complete with checkpoints
*Ride at your own pace over some of the best roads in B.C.
*Compete for awesome prizes in an event that focuses on your love of riding.
*Main course is approximately 550km
*Overnight at 108 Resort in the Caribou
*All makes, riders & styles of bikes welcome
*Bring along your buddies, and be ready to meet new ones

GVMC Clubhouse - Unit 307 - 9785 - 192nd Street - Surrey - B.C.

108 RESORT @ 108 Mile Ranch B.C.

Accommodation motel or tenting is self-booking mention GVMC Group 2047

Contact 1-800-667-5233 or 1-250-791-5211 web - 108golfresort.com

Sign Up Fee - $55.00 per person

You can sign up on the GVMC website www.gvmc.ca via Pay Pal plus applicable service charges or at the Clubhouse on the day of the event.
Your paid entry includes a Continental Breakfast Saturday and Saturday Banquet Dinner, Trophies and Merchandise Prizes.

6:30 - 7:30am - Signup and Breakfast
8:00am - Last Rider Out
5:30pm - Last Rider In
6:300pm - Dinner
8:00pm - Awards

Own Pace - Homeward Bound

Jim Brooke - (604)930-8464

Check in the Photo Gallery for pictures of previous Caribou Trails Runs.

Event Comments:
AUG 22nd 108 Mile BC

The GVMC Caribou Trails 85th annual road ride was held on Aug 22nd and was a timed event with a distance of 479.6km (300m+) per historical practice. The ride and day began at our clubhouse where signup and paperwork was completed and then a hot continental plus breakfast was provided. It was a sunny start with 19 riders/passengers. The bikes left at 30 sec intervals to the final destination in 108 Mile House BC. The route was up Howe Sound to Duffy Lake Rd to Lillooet then to Hat Creek ranch and left to 108 Mile. The roads were in very good condition with heavy traffic at the start then very light traffic for the rest so the pace was spirited. Weather remained good though out the day and on arrival at the 108 resort a cold drink was given out and times recorded.

Socializing and clean up began prior to dinner. It had been a great riding day not too hot and lots of views and wildlife seen. Dinner was put on at the Hanger,a nearby restaurant, barbecue ribs with all the usual extras. This was the only time everyone was quiet, at all other times the barbs and quips and stories and future plans never stopped.

After dinner we went outside for our awards and prizes. Awards were given out based on times computed on a key time with the closest being 9 min. off. The times of many were not as close as usual as there was some confusion of route but checkpoint times were not required to break ties. Much discussion on how each person’s time related and route chosen. With the awards came prize selections which were quite extensive thanks to our sponsors and members. The awards were for the first three riders, two passengers and the fastest and slowest, and the traveller. Prizes were for all participants. After prizes, partying commenced and continued depending on an individual’s constitution until all grew quiet. Everyone spent some time sitting outside as it was a lovely evening and view.

Congratulations to
1st place rider Phil Blackburn 1st place passenger - Pat Harris
2nd place rider - Rob Pinder 2nd place passenger - Lena Stern
3rd place rider - Wes Jamison
The Traveller - Jarred Jamison
International Traveler – Chris Meyer
The Rabbit- fastest Ron Gaudette 1:54:30 early as he did not stop.
The Turtle slowest –Mike Cassidy 1:18:30 late

Sunday, another sunny day, a great continental breakfast was had at the resort then all prepared for the ride of the day. Some for more travels, some for home. All planning future meets and rides.

A big thanks to all our GVMC member helpers and volunteers, our sponsors and all the people who participated. It’s you that make this ride possible and fun. Plan for next year.

Thanks to, and others that I have missed
Donna - food/ pickup/ prep
Jackie - poster
Phil Blackburn Ron Guadette
Vince Peterson Ron /Lil Benderski - Checkpoint

Dealers sponsors: Checkpoint , Daytona, International , Motor Cycle World, Holeshot ,2nd Gear Motorsports, Sea to Sky,
Gifts: Bill Talley, Dave Seifert, Jim Brooke

Check in the Photo Gallery for pictures of this event.

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