Community Services - then and now

Community support and volunteer work have always been at the top of the GVMC's activity list.

The GVMC's have been involved with community service and have supported many charities since the club's inception in 1922. As our charity involvement grew, the amount the club could give was split between the many different charitable organizations to which we donated. Over the years the GVMC have helped with the Children's Variety Club, Children's Hospital, Surrey Food Bank, Heather Thomas Ride, and much more.

The Special Needs Section of the Children's Hospital was eventually selected as the GVMC's main charitable goal by the membership over twenty years ago. The GVMC began promoting their charity ride every year which raised funds for the Children's Hospital. At the time when we began helping the Children's Hospital, every dollar we raised was matched by the BC government. On May 21, 1992, GVMC member Gord Heppler passed away from Cancer at the age of 44. Gord Heppler was and is greatly missed. Jackie Heppler took on the Children's Hospital Ride and continues to organize it in Gord Heppler's name. Through the efforts of the membership, Jackie Heppler and the Gord Heppler Memorial Children's Hospital Road Run, we have raised thousands of much needed dollars over the years for the cancer ward of the Children's Hospital. The hospital presents the Courage Award which the Run sponsors to children who have completed their cancer treatments. We have been told that this award is highly prized by the children who receive it. As GVMC members, we are all proud to help sponsor this award and also help donate much needed funds for new hospital equipment.

In the GVMC's new home of Surrey, we continue with community support as one of the best ways to "better the sport of motorcycling" in the public's eye. Several of the GV members had taken special courses on set-up and judging of a motorcycle "Show & Shine". Many clubs applied to help the Surrey Food Bank put on such a show and the GVMC was chosen. So the club helped organize, promote and produce the first Surrey Food Bank Motorcycle Show & Shine in July 2001.

The GVMC continues to support other charities by participating in organized rides of other clubs or stepping up to the plate when someone needs a hand. We have in the past volunteered for the toy run hosted by BCCOM providing traffic control, have had riders carry mechanics and first aid attendants at bicycle races, and have marshalled parades for local communities. We first started marshalling the PNE Parade in 1964, after the parade organizers realized that our motorcycles were the best way to help with all aspects of the PNE parade presentation. Sadly, the PNE parade was cancelled. We have also done parade marshalling for the Hyack Festival Association's yearly Easter in the Park Parade and for the local Maple Ridge parade in the spring. We now help marshal the Aldergrove Days Parade.

Thanks to all the riders who participate in our events and help us help those in need!!

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