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2017 Chipmunk Creek Trail Ride

Tech Inspection

Spark Arrestor Test

Tech Inspection - Spark Arrestor Test

Rob cooking pancakes for breakfast.

All Set Ready To Go

All Set Ready To Go

Participants Arriving

They get smaller every year - registration table.

Signing Up

Picking cards for the poker hand - serious business.

Some Colourful Outfits!

One Of Our Cutest Riders!

Now there's a smile!

Getting Sorted

Coming In For Signup

What do we do again?

I'm Ready

Catch me if you can!

Phil at a checkpoint with Dwight sweeping.

Another lap under the belt.

Pick A Card

Full On!

Taking Mom and Dad for a ride.

Early Sign Up

Donna's got breakfast for us.

Dad showing the ropes.

Get on it for the hill!

It's doable!

Some of us think that it is time to play with the Big Boys.

Ripping The Hill!

I got this!

I got it Dad. Let go!

Who's having the most fun?

Keep up Mom!

Just A Blur!


See you later Aligator!

The Master

Where are my kids?

I'm hanging on!

Making it look easy.


Riding The Trails

Riding The Trails

Riding The Trails

Riding The Trails

Riding The Trails

Mom and daughter riding the trails.

Riding The Trails

Riding The Trails

Riding The Trails

John monitoring the Trails.

Hot Dog Time

Phil and John conferring.

Setting up the Trophy and Prize Tables.

Deb helping with the final checkpoint.

Rob cooking hotdogs.

Finishing The Ride

Waiting For Presentations

Waiting For Presentations

Dave taking pictures.

Checking Out The Prizes

Ok we're ready.

First Place - Bear Cubs

Second Place - Bear Cubs

Third Place - Bear Cubs. I'm going for the squirt guns.

Fourth Place - Bear Cubs

Fifth Place - Bear Cubs

Sixth Place - Bear Cubs

Seventh Place - Bear Cubs

Eighth Place - Bear Cubs

Nineth Place - Bear Cubs

Tenth Place - Bear Cubs

Eleventh Place - Bear Cubs

Twelveth Place - Bear Cubs

Thirteenth Place - Bear Cubs

Bear Cub Group Photo - This is what it's all about!

First Place Adults - Wes really!

After last sweep Chris picks up Second Place.

Third Place Adults - got the jacket.

Fourth Place Adults - Chain lube a perfect world.

Fifth Place Adult - Great Helmet!

Sixth Place Adult

Seventh Place Adult

Eighth Place Adult

Nineth Place Adult

Tenth Place Adult

Eleventh Place Adult

Twelveth Place Adult

Thirteenth Place Adult

Fourteenth Place Adult

Bear Cub Loop Sign

Checking Out The Prize Table

Ray and Dwight in the First Aid Tent.

Donna cutting up watermelon for lunch.

Deb and Jackie tallying poker hands for winners.

Final Checkpoint and Prize Table


Trophies and Prizes


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