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2018 GVMC Piston Run

Preparing Trails- Dave at the signage.

Preparing the Trails - Renee and Chris working on the mini bridge.

Preparing the Trails - Building a bridge over a small stream.

Preparing the Trails - The bridge is done.

Building The Big Steel Bridge

Building the Big Steel Bridge

The Bridge Building Helpers

Testing Out The Steel Bridge

Dwight At The Steel Bridge

The Canteen and First Aid

A Very Wet Day!!

Lots Of Vehicles

Lots of canapes to ward off the rain.

Racing The Trail

Racing Under The Steel Bridge

Struggling Up The Hill

"Now What??"

Away We Go!

Under The Bridge and Up The Hill

Greg monitoring coming up out of the bush and onto the road crossing.

Racing Up The Road

Bit Of A Traffic Jam

Lots Of Smoke

Up And Out Of The Bush!

Up And Out Of The Bush!

Up And Out Of The Bush!

Up The Big Hill!

Taking A Break

Cheering On The Race!

Silvan guiding the road crossing.

Working their way through the trails.

Lots of Spectators at The Steel Bridge

Wes monitoring a road crossing.

Wes monitoring a road crossing.

Jim and Phil monitoring a road crossing.

Phil guiding them out of the bush.

John looking after a road crossing.

Dismantling and loading up the sections of the Steel Bridge.

Checkpoint Helpers

Checking The Riders

Checking The Riders

Setting Up The Trophies

Trophies Ready To Go

Our Sponsor Daytona Motorsports

"Nice Trophies!"

Waiting For The Trophy Awards

Dwight announcing the winners.

Building The Big Steel Bridge

Piston Run First Place Perpetual Trophy

Gas Stop

Jackie finishing up registration.

Trophies and Daytona Banner

Riding in for the bike check.

Riding Through Wanding

Riding Through Wanding

A Muddy Ride

Lined Up For Registration

First Aid ATV

First Aid and Concession Area


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