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2024 GVMC Bike Rodeo

Bikes waiting for the Rodeo to start.

Bikes resting up for the Rodeo.

Burger Dinner Before the Rodeo

Bikes waiting their turn.

Is It Time Yet??

Relaxing watching the Rodeo.

Rodeo instructions being given.

Listening to the instructions.

Trevor riding the cones.

Dave S. riding the cones.

Phil riding the cones.

Dave K. riding the cones.

June riding the cones.

Jim S. riding the cones.

Frank riding the cones.

Rob riding the cones.

Bill W. riding the cones.

Jim B. riding the cones.

Phil riding the plank.

Dave S. riding the plank.

Dave K. riding the plank.

June riding the plank.

Jim S. riding the plank.

Rob riding the plank.

Chris riding the plank.

Jim B. riding the plank.

Trevor Ball Toss

Dave S. Ball Toss

Phil Ball Toss

Dave K. Ball Toss

June Ball Toss

Rob Ball Toss

Bill W. Ball Toss

Chris Ball Toss

Jim B. Ball Toss

Bean Bag Toss Score Board

Dave S. Bean Bag Toss

Dave K. Bean Bag Toss

June Bean Bag Toss

Jim S. Bean Bag Toss

Frank Bean Bag Toss

Rob Bean Bag Toss

Chris Bean Bag Toss

Jim B. Bean Bag Toss

Dart Board

Trevor Dart Throw

Dave S. Dart Throw

Phil Dart Throw

Dave K Dart Throw

Jim S. Dart Throw

Frank Dart Throw

Rob Dart Throw

Bill W. Dart Throw

Chris Dart Throw

Jim B. Dart Throw

Jim S, Jim B., Trevor, and June line up for the Slow Race.

Away They Go!

Chris, Dave S., Rob and Phil ready for the Slow Race.

Away They Go!

Last is winning.

Frank, Dave K., Bill W. are ready for the Slow Race.

Away they Go!

Dave S., Jim S., Chris, Jim B., and Bill W. ready for the finals in the Slow Race.

Off They Go!

Who's Winning??


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